While Magento isn’t the easiest eCommerce platform to handle, the companies striving for uninterrupted website performance, speed, security, and scalability choose this technology to create their eCommerce software. Magento offers all these benefits for businesses from both B2C and B2B segments but getting lost in the features the platform comes with is easy for the project owners with no technical background.

That’s why in this article, we suggest taking a look at Magento B2B features to help you make sure that this platform will be a great choice for your business. 

Is Magento 2 Good for B2B?

In a nutshell, yes. Magento is built for enterprises, including those serving other enterprises as well. 14% of the websites powered by Magento are the ones of B2B companies. Despite this figure doesn’t seem to be pretty high, tailoring Magento functionality to business-to-business needs is still possible. 

Below are the top advantages of Magento that make this platform a good choice for B2B eCommerce development. 

  • High-end customization with PHP 7. Magento is powered by the modern tech stack, and PHP 7 is one of them. With its help, Magento developers can achieve the next level of customization which is one of the pillars for the seamless customer journey and conversion boost in eCommerce. 
  • Scalability. Magento is also a top choice for growing B2B companies, so the websites created on its top are easy to scale without losing the performance and operating speed. 
  • Multiple extensions and payment gateways. Magento 2 comes with PayPal, Braintree and Authorize.net already integrated – you don’t need additional extensions. However, the available extensions marketplace is still rich – there are more than 1000 extensions to choose from and level up the customer experience in your B2B store. 
  • Magento BI. Using business intelligence solutions is a must for the companies in the B2B segment since each of the corporate customers is pretty individual. Their purchasing needs are directly driven by their business goals, which are business-specific. Magento BI, in turn, is a standalone solution you are welcome to integrate with your store and get valuable analytical insights from. Magento BI integrates with the Adobe database directly, becoming a centralized data warehouse with smart analytics and customized reporting features. 
  • Great tech talent pool. There are 300,000 Magento developers in the world, and 6000 of them are Magento-certified programmers. In one of our recent articles, we have already dwelled on the benefits of having Magento certification and hiring a tech team of certified experts, especially when it comes to B2B development. The matter is that the B2B customer journey is pretty specific, and delivering a top-notch B2B user experience on the Magento-powered website requires in-depth knowledge and practical expertise.
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Magento Commerce B2B Features to Use for Corporate Purchases

The benefits of Magento for B2B companies we have listed above are already value-adding. What’s more, this platform is ultimately rich with well-thought-out and advanced features created in excellent compliance with B2B customers’ requirements and expectations. Below is a Magento b2b feature list that makes this platform great for deploying enterprise-level eCommerce websites to serve corporate clients. 

  • Account management. There are two types of accounts you can set up. It can be either a single-user corporate account (like the one we have on most online shopping platforms) or a company’s account with multiple users. The last feature allows for creating several sub-accounts so that the company’s employees can manage the orders independently from each other.
  • Request a quote. B2B eCommerce prices are usually negotiable, depending on the number of items ordered and other special conditions that partnering companies can offer each other. Request a Quote B2B feature in Magento 2 allows corporate customers to create an order and ask for customized pricing. 
  • Quick order entry. While B2C shopping is more instant and emotion-driven, B2B customers are usually well-aware of the product’s features they have to buy, using SKU numbers to search for the match of a best price and seller’s credibility. That’s why Magento’s quick order entry feature comes with the option to search for the product by name or by SKU.  To make the most use of this feature, consider adding a “Search by SKU” call to action to your website design. 
  • Customized catalogs and price lists. Creating and customizing catalogs is another advanced Magento B2B feature specifically tailored to handle multiple products. For example, you can develop multi-level product catalogs with flexible access settings for different groups of customers. Plus, Magento developers can set up flexible and dynamic pricing options, along with customized discounts. 
  • Postponed payment. This is a default feature trusted B2B customers would appreciate. There are also flexible settings for the customer’s balance limits.  
  • Advanced shipping options. The shipping features you can set in Magento are quite flexible. For example, you can choose different delivery services for various groups of B2B customers, connect delivery cost calculation, plus split the shipment if the customer needs their goods to be delivered to multiple locations. 
  • Security and anti-fraud protection. Magento 2 also comes with enhanced security features for B2B companies. For example, you can set the two-factor authentication to keep your business and customers’ data immune from unauthorized attempts. Magento Security Scan tool, in turn, works as a desktop antivirus program but for your store – it spots potential security gaps and suggests the ways to fix them. 
  • Mobile-friendly design. Mobile shopping is a trend relevant for both B2C and B2B customers. The latter have increased their mobile device usage for making B2B purchases in recent years so keeping your store design mobile-optimized is essential. The design features embedded into Magento 2 are mobile-responsive and come with a touch-friendly UI. 


Magento is rich in B2B features which are well-tailored to B2B purchasing workflow and can be customized to create an even more seamless user journey for corporate customers. However, Magento development for B2B requires hands-on experience and deep technical knowledge. Idea in You is a Magento 2 development agency with multi-domain expertise in creating B2B solutions for medium-to-large enterprises. Our top-skilled programmers can help you with creating a powerful B2B solution on top of Magento to boost your business growth.

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