Magento development is as fascinating as tricky. This powerful system comes with a lot of advanced features to power your eCommerce store, and at the same time, this is one of the most technically-complex content management systems to handle. Building an eCommerce store on top of Magento can be value-adding, however, your Magento developers should be pretty skilled with this platform to make it drive ROI for your business. 

Magento certification is a great skill-confirmation opportunity for both developers and the businesses hiring them, so let’s find out more about it. 

What Is Magento Certification?

To put it simply, Magento 2 Certification is a document that confirms Magento’s development skills, knowledge, and competencies. While Magento has always been one of the most difficult technologies to learn, Magento 2 has also significantly evolved compared to Magento 1. Despite the seemingly simple technologies at its core (PHP, Zend framework, and MySQL), Magento 2 is more difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to frontend development.

Getting a Magento frontend certification is one of the opportunities to confirm Magento frontend development skills, plus there are certifications for the programmers skilled with other Magento development tasks. Magento certification directory comes with more than 40 different certifications the developers can get after passing an exam successfully. 

Reasons To Get Magento Certification for Developers

Below are the top three reasons to become a Magento certified developer. 

  • Confirm their Magento development skills with an official certification. While a lot of developers are self-learners, getting an official certification is an option to confirm their skills and competencies, strengthening their portfolio. 
  • Expand their knowledge during preparation for the exam. Becoming a Magento 2 professional developer requires taking a complex exam. Getting ready for passing is a great opportunity to expand the development skills and knowledge that can be instantly reused in practice. 
  • Deliver more value to their employees and customers. 250,000 eCommerce businesses use Magento, and when it comes to the need to hire Magento eCommerce developers, most of them are likely to prefer a top-skilled development team. Magento-certified developers have better chances of becoming a part of challenging and interesting projects, along with the opportunity to level up their hourly rates. Plus, there is a partner directory that contains the list of Magento development agencies with Magento-certified programmers under their roof so that the businesses can instantly get in touch with top-skilled tech vendors. 

Magento 2 Certification List

Depending on your core skill, you can choose among different opportunities to get a Magento developer certification. Each of the exams is developed in such a way as to confirm and validate the corresponding skill as accurately as possible. Here is a Magento 2 Certification List. 

  • Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Business Practitioner
  • Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Developer
  • Adobe Certified Professional – Magento Commerce Developer
  • Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Front-End Developer
  • Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce JavaScript Developer
  • Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Cloud Developer
  • Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Order Management Developer

Idea In You tech team members are also certified according to the competencies above. Meet them now

How to Prepare for the Magento 2 Certification Exam?

Passing an exam successfully is the only way to get a Magento developer certification. What’s more, this opportunity isn’t free – to be eligible for taking an exam, a programmer should pay $300 on average. An exam itself takes place online, lasts for up to 90 minutes, and requires you to get at least a 63% score.

Novice programmers aren’t allowed to take an exam since practical Magento development skills are as essential as programming theory to get a certification. That’s why you should have at least 1,5 years of hands-on experience to take part in the examination.

As for the preparation process, Magento recommends getting started with Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2 course as the first step. You are also welcome to get their Free Study Guide that is available by request, plus use all the free video tutorials.

Skilled Magento developers also recommend following Magento experts on social media, listening to their podcasts and lectures, and don’t hesitate to ask your questions to the Magento community. 

Why Partner with Magento-Certified Developers Only?

Partnering with Magento-certified developers, like we in Idea in You, have under our roof, will be a winning choice for your eCommerce projects. Here are the value-adding benefits your business will get when following this path. 

  • Re-discover the potential of Magento for your business. Magento is ultimately rich with its features, however, the skill to use them right and tailor each of them to your project specifics is essential for creating a powerful eCommerce store with a seamless user journey. Magento-certified developers are better versed in Magento specifics and will help you avoid costly pitfalls. 
  • Switch to better customization. Even being a heavy eCommerce development platform, Magento still comes with a lot of customization opportunities. Hiring certified and top-skilled developers promises to make your project as customized as possible. 
  • Balance multi-level architecture and SEO performance. Creating an SEO-performant eCommerce website even despite its heavy architecture is another task Magento-certified developers can help you with. 
  • Proceed with innovative growth. In our recent articles, we have already talked about the opportunity to migrate your storefront to progressive web application technologies. This is only one of the ways to make your store more flexible, while Magento-certified developers are able to suggest other winning tactics as well. 
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Hire Top-Skilled Magento-Certified Developers Now


Running an eCommerce project on top of Magento is both promising and challenging because of Magento’s complexity. Hiring the highest-end development team, in turn, is a way to avoid most of the technical pitfalls and open up more winning opportunities for your business. Partnering with a Magento-certified development vendor is a smart choice for projects striving to use all the advanced features of Magento while keeping their websites customer-centric and business-specific. 

We, at Idea In You, are proud to hire Magento-certified developers only who are ready to get started with your project right now.

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