Shopify is a commerce platform that allows you to create your own online shop and start selling your products. Shopify was established 10 years ago. Shopify’s purpose, as a commerce platform, is to maintain and help your business to become better and more successful. Thousands of entrepreneurs from 175 countries use Shopify to make their business grow.

You can sell the following products and services on Shopify:

–       Physical products. Anything which is hand-made e.g. jewelry, bath bombs, t-shirts, gift boxes, beef jerky etc.

–       Digital products. This could include e-books, email templates, audio downloads etc.

–       Services and consultations. Customers can book online and sell online or in-person consultations.

–       Memberships. You can sell subscriptions.

–       Ticketed experiences. Selling the tickets.

–       Classes and lessons. Customers can purchase, rent, and book lessons.

–       Rentals. One can rent various things.

Shopify Benefits

Although Shopify is considered to be a useful and acceptable platform for managing one’s business, there are pros and cons that you should take into account choosing this particular commerce platform.

Simplicity of usage.

Even though Shopify provides assistance with managing the store’s technological needs and a clear interface, Shopify lacks functionality. Unlike Shopify, Magento 2 is a self-hosted platform, more flexible with theme customization and with managing larger stores.

Big choice of storefront themes.  There are beautiful storefront themes that make your website look more professional. However, there are only ten free theme templates available. You will need to make one-time payment to get access to all the themes. Additionally, for extended customization, you have to understand Shopify’s Liquid code or hire an expert to manage it.

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