In one of our recent articles, we have explained the concept of a mobile application, dwelled on its types and use cases, plus provided the benefits of creating one for your business. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the value-driving potential of mobile eCommerce apps and the reasons to build such a solution for your business in 2022. 

Top 10 Reasons to Build a Mobile Shopping App for Your Business 

By 2040, 95% of all purchases are projected to be made through eCommerce. And you guessed it right – the lion’s share of eCommerce transactions will be processed via mobile apps. To date, 73% of eCommerce sales come from mobile, and this is not the only reason to get started with mobile commerce development right now.

Below are the top opportunities an eCommerce mobile app can open for your business.

  1. Boost a conversion rate

eCommerce mobile apps have the highest conversion rate compared to browsers, desktops, and tablet PCs. For comparison, the average eCommerce conversion rate is 2% but when it comes to shopping via mobile apps, this indicator reaches 6%

There are several reasons why mobile applications perform better compared to other online shopping tools. They are instantly available and can be launched in one click, the convenient mobile UI makes choosing, comparing, and buying easy, while the personalization engine at the heart of most mobile eCommerce apps streamlines the conversion rate even more. 

  1. Upsell additional products

Back in 2006, Amazon reported that 35% of its revenue comes from cross-sales and up-sales. Despite eCommerce technologies evolving rapidly, the essence of these marketing tactics hasn’t changed – you just have to offer an add-on item the customer may be interested in, in addition to their main choice. 

Mobile eCommerce apps are great tools to leverage these tactics, combining the power of customer data analysis and AI-powered suggestions. They, by the way, are at the heart of customer experience personalization, which is the next opportunity an eCommerce mobile app can offer. 

  1. Deliver better-personalized experience

Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence are the top technologies that can deliver a better personalized in-app experience. When it comes to mobile eCommerce, their opportunities are almost unlimited. AI-driven product and content suggestions, personalized loyalty programs, price optimization, and anticipating customers’ expectations are the top ways to make the mobile shopping experience hyper-personalized, driving conversion rate and customers’ loyalty. 

  1. Drive engagement

eCommerce mobile apps are also great at driving engagement, and they do it in the simplest way possible, sending personalized push notifications. Sending push notifications to mobile devices boosts user engagement by up to 88% but the main rule is to send them shortly after the user has interacted with an app. 

What’s more, there are creative boundaries to personalizing your push notifications strategies – you can share personalized discounts and promos, offer free delivery for those abandoning a shopping cart and suggest any other incentive that can work for your customers. 

  1. Improve retention rate

In addition to driving engagement, push notifications are great for skyrocketing a user retention rate. According to different estimates, you can improve it by 190% with push notifications, however, these aren’t the only retention driving options eCommerce mobile apps come with. 

For example, consider adding gamification features to your eCommerce mobile app. Letting the customers earn points in exchange for their feedback can be a tactic to kill two birds with one stone. 

  1.  Get better at gathering customer feedback

eCommerce mobile apps are almost all-in-one solutions that drive equally great benefits for both companies and their customers. So, let’s proceed with the idea to gather customer feedback via a mobile app, using gamification features. In addition to improving their retention and engagement, you will also be able to unlock valuable customer insights and find ways to improve your products and services. 

But to make this option work, keep the mobile experience in mind. Mobile users are unlikely to write long reviews but will share one-tap feedback instead. So, make sure your app has the corresponding feature.

  1. Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%, fluctuating a little for some industries. But surprisingly, the cart abandonment rate is significantly higher in mobile apps, reaching 88%.

So, what about a smarter tactic? Instead of trying to reduce your in-app shopping cart abandonment rate, consider using a mobile app to reduce it for your website. For example, after the user has abandoned a cart on a website, send them a push notification in an app. While this approach can’t cope with window shopping completely, the chances of encouraging the user to finalize the purchase become significantly higher. 

  1. Leverage the innovation

While the shopping apps aren’t the new tools in the eCommerce market, they still come with a great potential for innovation development, delivering a better experience to your customers, and improving your in-app marketing performance. For example, consider adding a voice search feature – voice shopping is one of the emerging trends that are here to stay. 

What’s more, making your eCommerce mobile app more innovative and going beyond the must-have features allow for reaching out to new audiences. For example, 92% of Gen Z shoppers would like shopping mobile apps to have augmented reality features, like virtual shopping tours or try-ons.

  1. Make your brand better recognizable

Mobile applications are also great for supporting brand recognition and visibility. The reason is simple – each time your customer unlocks their smartphone, they see a branded icon on a screen, and thereby, they will keep your brand and your app in mind when facing the need to make a certain purchase.

What’s more, the better experience your mobile app delivers, the higher probability that your customers will recommend it to their friends, spreading the word of mouth and attracting new leads at no extra cost for you. 

  1. Stay competitive

eCommerce stores that have mobile apps and leverage the latest technologies for a better user experience are subconsciously perceived as more trusted, credible, and reliable. So, having a mobile app is one of the simplest ways to stand out from the competition. 

What’s more, it is an equally winning tactic regardless of whether your competitors have a mobile app. In a case they don’t have it, your mobile shopping app becomes an instant competitive edge. In a case they have, you are welcome to develop a better solution.

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The list of the reasons to create a mobile app for your eCommerce business can go on. When developed right, this simple solution can drive great ROI, improve your conversion rate, support customer loyalty and work as a recurring income tool. 

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