In times of severe competition in the eCommerce market, it becomes more and more challenging for businesses to gain a foothold in their niche. Though nearly all eCommerce startups feature a thoroughly built business strategy, it doesn’t always guarantee their excellent performance in the long-term run. 

According to Investopedia, nearly 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, and every fourth can make it to 15+ years (based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data). That is why, apart from the well-planned strategy at the start, it’s vitally important to remain proactive in running your business to maintain its competitiveness and increase profitability. 

For the eCommerce segment, where thousands of businesses open and close day in and day out, one of the most efficient methods for the business to “survive” is to maintain the relevant product lines. By analyzing the ever-changing customer needs and current market trends, business owners can better understand consumer shopping behavior to increase the ROI and boost conversions.  

In this article, we’ll showcase over 40 products within eight different product niches that can significantly boost business performance in eCommerce and generate high revenues from day one. Apart from this, we’ll showcase the importance of understanding the hottest selling items in online retail and why it’s so critical for building a long-term, sustainable business today. 

Any business should be created with the end consumer in mind. So, once you’ve decided to set up an online store and its target product niche, the next fundamental step is to search for the most popular items within that segment. 

Here are some insights about maintaining the relevant trends product line to know about: 

  • Ensure the People Will Buy It. Remember, to make sure your business works, it’s essential to have a demand for the products it offers. This is exceptionally important for startups with a limited budget, which need to implement the solution with the highest ROI from the start. 
  • eCommerce ≠ Traditional Stores. The online business model is completely different from its traditional alternative. The products which are in demand at physical stores will not necessarily convert goods on the site. That is why double-checking the products will generate sales, it’s important to study the target buyer persona for your business. 

If you’re limited in time or don’t have enough resources to launch detailed market research – we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find a list of 40 hottest selling products based on the current market trends that can ensure stable business development and growth. 

Category #1 Pet Items

No matter whether you’ll target a specific pet or launch an eCommerce site for the entire segment, the pet products will never lose their relevance, and the search trends below only prove this thesis. 

What is more, apart from high products sale performance, these items have thousands of design variations and styles, which opens up great potential for any business within the target industry. 

Taken from:

Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are one of the safest options for outdoor activities, that will ideally fit dogs of different sizes and breeds. That is why, these are always mentioned in the list of good items to sell in any eCommerce store and, due to their wide range of designs, will become a hit!

Brand Example: Pet & Cuddle Dog Harnesses

Taken from: 

Cat Nail Scratchers

If you’re wondering what’s selling in the pet product category apart from the collars and harnesses – opt for nail scratchers. These items are a must-have for the owners whose furniture is suffering from their fluffy four-paw friends and can fit cats of different ages and breeds.

Brand Example: FurHaven Cat Scratchers

Taken from: 

Pet Bowls

Talking about trends in products for pets, we can hardly mention any pet parent who didn’t purchase a bowl for their friend. Offered in a variety of designs and models, these products can match any indoor and outdoor interior and provide maximum comfort for a pet.  

Brand Example: Mason Cash Pet Bowl

Taken from:

Dog Leashes

Once you become a dog owner, the first essential accessory to consider is a dog leash. For this reason, many eCommerce stores start with the best of product in the dog leash segment before implementing more specific products, such as nail clippers or supplements. 

Brand Example: Julius K9 Dog Leashes

Taken from: 

Pet Collars

Pet collar products are also believed to be the best sellers in eCommerce, mostly due to the fancy design and functionality they provide – information about the owner. No matter if you’re focusing on a dog or pet parents audience, make sure to include the collars with the tags to the ​​online products sell list!

Brand Example: The Foggy Dog Collars

Taken from: 

Category #2 Jewelry

For years, jewelry has been known as one of the most popular trends of all time, which seems never to lose its demand. In 2022, the global jewelry market size was valued at $269.19 billion and according to Grand View Research will evolve at a CAGR of 8.5% during 2022-2030 years. Realizing that many eCommerce owners already started taking advantage of this trend, hopping into the industry one after another. Below are the most popular segments you can surely make use of in 2023. 

Taken from:


Earrings are not considered new products for sale, but in recent years we can see an increasing trend for items with fancy styles or unusual designs. The best thing to sell here will be the items with pearls, chains, colorful inserts, and more.

Brand Example: Bulgari

Taken from: 


While not everyone can wear earrings, there is hardly anyone who’s not worn a bracelet at least once in their lives. In eCommerce, you can promote bracelets as featured products that can highlight the personality and organically fit any outfit, as the Pandora brand does!

Brand Example: Pandora Bracelets

Taken from: 

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories cover a wide range of new product in the market and old-school items that have been on the market for years. This segment features a comparatively low purchase price and, with the right marketing strategy, can turn into the hottest selling item with high ROI rates. 

Brand Example: Anthropologie Accessories

Taken from: 

Engagement Rings

If you want to succeed in a niche-specific segment while bringing new products to market, the best solution for the jewelry segment will be engagement rings. These products require considerable investments at the start, but can surely help you to build a stable business with profitable performance. 

Brand Example: Johannes Hunter Jewelers

Taken from: 

Necklaces & Neck Chains

The new product 2023 which has recently been reconsidered in the fashion industry is the neck accessory. Multiple design variations, materials, and braiding techniques have made these a must-have jewelry that can match any style: from daily looks to sports and black-tie outfits.

Brand Example: Givenchy

Taken from: 

Category #3 Accessories for Laptops & Smart Gadgets

Laptops and wearables are today’s must-have gadgets for work and leisure. However, the lack of design customization has inspired manufacturers to create unusual, creative, and stunning accessories for different tastes. As you can see from the trends below, these have been consistently popular in search, so why don’t you offer some cool products to sell within the current segment?

Taken from: 

Laptop Covers

In most cases, laptop accessories – covers, stickers, cases – work as a great personalization item which opens up a wide range of customization options. Moreover, presented in different designs and styles, they can meet the preferences of even the pickiest shoppers. Additionally, such items feature comparatively smaller prime prices and can generate high conversions for eCommerce businesses. 

Brand Example: AirCase Laptop

Taken from: 

Phone Cases

For those who are wondering what to sell on Shopify but prefer focusing on the smartphone user segment, we recommend launching the phone case product lines. Compared to laptop accessories, these feature even more design variations and have all the potential to bring high revenues from the start. 

Brand Example: Casetify

Taken from:

Watch Bands

Wearables are another lucrative segment to consider as an eCommerce business owner, as they are intensively gaining popularity among users across the globe. This means online stores selling watch bands can easily get into the local market and quickly grow to the international level. 

Brand Example: Barton Watch Bands

Taken from: 

Wireless Charging Stations

Though power stations have been on the market for only a few years, they have become a new must-have item for at-home and office use. They are convenient, functional, and easy to ship – the last quality is exceptionally critical for eCommerce stores regardless of their location or product focus.

Brand Example: Einova Charging Stations

Taken from: 


What gadget-related products are popular in daily use and can be a good fit for long-term investment? Of course, adapters and cables! However, once you’ve decided to get a batch for your store, make sure they’re high-quality and can satisfy all the needs of your target audience – a great plus to your brand’s authority that will help you to build customer loyalty. 

Brand Example: Apple Power Cables & Adapters

Taken from: 

Category #4 Home Products

After the pandemic outbreak in 2020, thousands of us have realized the true value of creating a cozy home atmosphere. This has resulted in a giant demand for home products from different needs, including functional items, decorations, textiles, and other items that add more comfort to any home space. Let’s now review how this can be used when enlarging the product line of your eCommerce store!

Taken from: 

Storage Items

For those who’re looking for what to sell on Magento, the home product line is a good option to start with. Home storage solutions are one of the most popular segments that will be always in trend and, thanks to the diverse range of sizes, types, and materials, these seem to never disappear from the market offerings list. 

Brand Example: Jysk Baskets

Taken from: 


Another solution that always adds to the comfort level of any home is pillows. Instagram-like, fancy cases of different sizes and materials can be an excellent product line in the home goods segment. To get some inspiration and make sure you’ll have the most trendy products stocked, feel free to review the popular Europe-based stores such as Zara, Jysk, H&M, and more

Brand Example: H&M Pillow Cases

Taken from: 


Depending on the size and style, rugs can significantly change the look of the entire room – that is why they’re not likely to fall out of trend. That is why such a long-term product category should be definitely considered by the owners of eCommerce stores. 

Brand Example: Sinsay Rugs

Taken from:


Blankets are the exact items that make people feel comfortable and get warmed during chilling summer nights and in the winter season. These items are also introduced in different materials and patterns, which is why you can stay sure these products will always be in high demand.

Brand Example: John Lewis & Partners

Taken from:

Flower Vases

Flower vases today are an integral part of any interior. That is why they’re commonly offered by a variety of online home product stores. Some good options to consider within the target category will be ceramic vases with a fancy design, as well as glass variants with unusual patterns such as, for instance, H&M vases.

Brand Example: H&M Home Flower Vases

Taken from: 

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Category #5: Kitchen Accessories

Prefer to focus on the functional products instead? Then choose the kitchen accessories segment! According to the search trend dynamics on Google, these products have been always in high demand across the globe. With more and more interesting cooking gadgets appearing day by day, you’ll always have a vast selection of products to choose from for your eCommerce. 

Taken from:


Dinnerware is the product segment that will be always present in the kitchen of any person, so is sure to be the option that generates high conversions in eCommerce. Kids plates, bowls, dinnerware sets, or seasonal items – there are so many products that can ideally work for your business!

Brand Example: IKEA Dinnerware

Taken from:

Table Runners

Table runners are much more attractive than a placemat and easier to clean, used for special at-home occasions and restaurant service – that’s exactly what makes them a good choice for the kitchenware eCommerce. With the trend for aesthetic appeal, these can make a nice boost to your business performance!

Brand Example: Zara Home Table Runners

Taken from: 

Cups & Mugs

If you’re looking for easy products that don’t require too much dedication and are comparatively easy to sell – opt for mugs! Offered in multiple colors, designs, and materials, they can be a good starting point for your business, yet can fit both the home product and kitchenware segments. However, make sure to choose a reliable shipping service to ensure safe product delivery and minimize potential losses. 

Brand Example: Next Co Mugs

Taken from: 


Compared to previous options, Serveware is a relatively new trend that is actively utilized by eCommerce. These items can help to maintain the aesthetics in detail, making the atmosphere of any apartment unique and truly cozy. With the right marketing strategy, these products can generate extremely high revenues at comparatively lower input, so don’t miss the chance to make use of it!

Brand Example: Pottery Barn Serveware 

Taken from: 


The shipment specifics of the drinkware have made it less popular among the eCommerce owners, but this also resulted in much lower competition within the target segment. So, if you want to build a niche-specific eCommerce business with luxury products and high-end service – drinkware is surely worth it! 

Brand Example: Selfridges Glasses

Taken from: 

Category #6 Work-from-Home Products

With more and more people switching to remote and hybrid working models, setting up a functional and comfortable office space is of the essence. A good chair, desk, and variety of office goods started trending extremely high after the pandemic and doesn’t likely to lose popularity in the upcoming years, which is clearly seen on the Google Trends graph:

Taken from: 

Standing Desk

The standing desk has proven to increase productivity, reduce posture problems and ensure comfort during the workday. At present, they’ve only started conquering the market, which is a good sign for eCommerce owners to jump into this segment and get the leading positions, as the FEZIBO brand did: 

Brand Example: FEZIBO 

Taken from: 

Computer Chair

Another work-from-home essential is a computer chair, which also features a great potential to develop in the home office product niche. Here’s a good example of HermanMiller Chairs to review:

Brand Example: HermanMiller Chairs

Taken from:   

Mouse Pads

Also known as desktop pads, these accessories play a huge role in remote office customization. Made from durable PU leather in different designs, they also feature great popularity among remote workers. 

Brand Example: Logitech G Mouse Pads

Taken from: 

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are fancy home office products that don’t require heavy investments at the start and feature comparatively high ROI. What is more, they can also target a larger audience, which is not solely limited to remote employees.  

Brand Example: Forest Homes Air Purifiers

Taken from: 

Desktop Organizers

What product can maximize the functionality of a remote workspace? Of course, desktop organizers! They’re widely popular among people who’re drowning in paperwork and need a great storage option to organize an ergonomic workspace!

Brand Example: Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizers

Taken from: 

Category #7 Sports Clothes

Sports clothes are the products that have been always popular before, during, and in post-pandemic times. Initially, they were mostly used for gym routines, but thanks to their comfort and versatility (and lockdown, of course) are now incorporated into various daily looks and fashion outfits. 

Let’s analyze what are the most prospective products for eCommerce within the target niche today. 

Taken from: 

Sports Trainers

Comfortable for sports and daily activities, you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t have a pair of favorite trainers in their wardrobe. So, why can’t that be leveraged by eCommerce? Here’s a great example of sports trainers product line from Adidas:

Brand Example: Adidas Sports Trainers

Taken from: 


Another ultra-functional item that fits different audiences regardless of their age, style, and preferred outfits is hoodies and sweatshirts. One of their greatest advantages is functionality: those can be worn solo or as an add-on layer to ensure maximum comfort. 

Brand Example: Uniqlo Sweatshirts

Taken from: 


Socks are one of the most prospective sports products that don’t require as much investment as other items, but have much more design variations and are always in high demand among large audiences. 

Brand Example: Puma Socks

Taken from: 


Basewear is a more seasonal-specific but extremely hot item that shouldn’t be missed for the sportswear segment. That is why you can find them in a variety of specialized stores, such as Nike, Columbia, and Under Armour, for instance:

Brand Example: Under Armour ColdGear Basewear

Taken from: 

Running Gear

Another specific item that can become a winning option for your eCommerce is running shoes. This is the most critical element that allows runners to safeguard themselves from injury, that is why it’ll be always among the top trending ones:

Brand Example: Asics Running Shoes

Taken from: 

Category #8 Fitness Products

Last but not least, a segment that has been reconsidered with the increasing popularity of the healthy lifestyle is fitness products. These gadgets can be a great alternative to gym workouts while featuring the same (or even higher) efficiency at a lower cost. After the lockdown, the demand for fitness products hasn’t decreased, which indicates it’s a long-term trend that should be also used in eCommerce. 

Taken from: 

Resistance Bands

Extremely low investments, huge output, cheap shipping, and large popularity – all you should know about the resistance bands before getting started. Offered in different styles and variations, they have all the chances to become a top product for 2023!

Brand Example: GoFit Resistance Bands & Power Tubes

Taken from: 

Yoga Mats

An essential item for home fitness, that can fit different workouts and has been always popular in eCommerce for the target segment – yoga mats. This product can become a perfect addition to the sports-based online store and work for different audiences as well. 

Brand Example: Alo Yoga Mat

Taken from: 

Portable Massagers

Popular stress-relievers that have just started appearing on the market are portable massagers. With a properly planned marketing campaign, these can become a top-seller in the shortest time and significantly enhance your business performance. 

Brand Example: Gintell Portable Massagers

Taken from: 


For those who prefer weight workouts but don’t have enough time for regular gym visits, weights can become the best investment. Check out the fancy weight collection offered at YBell to get some inspiration for your eCommerce product line:

Brand Example: YBell Fitness Dumbbell Alternatives

Taken from: 

Foam Rollers

A foam roller is an excellent tool for stretching, fitness, yoga, and post-workout recovery routines. These fitness accessories can match a large audience segment, which makes them a great option for eCommerce investments!

Brand Example: Life Fitness Foam Rollers

Taken from:


Regularly increasing the range and quality of the goods is one of the most efficient ways to enhance the performance of any online store. This practice can help to maintain a profitable product flow that is relevant to your target consumers. At the same time, it allows driving new clients to your business store and turning the one-time shoppers into loyal customers that convert often. 

So, if you’re looking for the best selling products for your eCommerce site, feel free to choose the ones from the list above! Any of these trendy items can surely generate high conversion rates and benefit your business’s successful development.

We hope that this guide has shed some light on whats selling best online for the upcoming years and has provided you with some insights on the items you can include in your product line today. Good luck! 

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