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Custom or pre-built? That’s a question that plagues many new merchants, in addition to scaling woes.

About the Project

  • Location: Europe
  • Type of project: B2B/B2C
  • Team size: 1-3 developers
  • Time development: 3 month

The Challenge

Our client wasn’t sure the best path to take — create a completely custom e-commerce store or use an e-commerce platform. Custom stores give you full control over everything, but may end up costing and taking way more than expected to finish. Pre-built platforms give you less control, but allow you to start selling quickly.

Is there a best of both worlds solution?


  • Outdated Magento 1
  • Low page speed
  • Bad feedback
  • Bad design quality
  • Low budget

The Solution


Fresh Magento 2 install

After consulting with us, it was clear that there’s a best of both worlds — Magento 2. Magento 2 allows you to customize everything and anything with the added advantage of getting to market quickly. Magento 2 was perfect for our client’s needs thanks to its security, scalability, and mobile readiness.

Our e-commerce experts worked with the client and their staff to hit the ground running when the store launched. Magento 2’s out-of-the-box features include coupon/discount code generation for promotions, multi-tier pricing, product bundles, one-page checkout, payment integrations, and much more!

Our actions:

  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • improved UX/UI design
  • Speeded up site loading
  • Improved the purchase process
  • Improved SEO

Fast development and get-to-market approach

Part of our client’s strategy was to start selling online as fast as possible, while leaving room to scale. Magento 2 made this easy to accomplish. With our help, the store was online in just five weeks, and after launch, we added new features and optimized existing ones using a roadmap we developed during the discovery stage.

What started as a frantic push during the pandemic turned into a successful, growing store with a beautiful design.


Mobile commerce solutions

Magento 2 comes with HTML5 out-of-the-box, which means responsive design with a clean, modern storefront. That means user-friendly search, pinch, multi-touch, and scaling images, swipe between product images, zoom capabilities, and drag-and-drop to add the product to the cart.

On the client’s end, Magento 2 now allows them to manage the entire store, create custom marketing campaigns, and anything else related to customer, order, or supply management from any device.


The Results

After the foresight of the store optimization, we managed to achieve the following results:

- Shop went live in 5 weeks

- Triple-digit increase in active monthly users

- High revenue from organic traffic

And besides this, we were able not only to create a website but to fully transform the client's business and make it grow at a high rate.

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The first impression your eCommerce website makes is always visual - it takes only 3 seconds for the brain to process an image and develop an impression that would be hard to change.


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Custom Web App Development

Custom Web App Development

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Customer Experience Optimization

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