New merchant solves challenges with the help of Magento 2

Custom or pre-built? That’s a question that plagues many new merchants, in addition to scaling woes.

The Challenge

Our client wasn’t sure the best path to take — create a completely custom e-commerce store or use an e-commerce platform. Custom stores give you full control over everything but may end up costing and taking way more than expected to finish. Pre-built platforms give you less control but allow you to start selling quickly.

Is there a best of both worlds solution?

The Solution


Fresh Magento 2 install

After consulting with us, it was clear that there’s a best of both worlds — Magento 2. Magento 2 allows you to customize everything and anything with the added advantage of getting to market quickly. Magento 2 was perfect for our client’s needs thanks to its security, scalability, and mobile readiness.

Our e-commerce experts worked with the client and their staff to hit the ground running when the store launched. Magento 2’s out-of-the-box features include coupon/discount code generation for promotions, multi-tier pricing, product bundles, one-page checkout, payment integrations, and much more!


Fast development and get-to-market approach

Part of our client’s strategy was to start selling online as fast as possible while leaving room to scale. Magento 2 made this easy to accomplish. With our help, the store was online in just five weeks, and after launch, we added new features and optimized existing ones using a roadmap we developed during the discovery stage.

What started as a frantic push during the pandemic turned into a successful, growing store with a beautiful design.

Mobile version

The Results

After the foresight of the store optimization, we managed to achieve the following results:

- Shop went live in 5 weeks

- Triple-digit increase in active monthly users

- High revenue from organic traffic

And besides this, we were able not only to create a website but to fully transform the client's business and make it grow at a high rate.