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Whether you’re just starting or have an established online presence, our Magento development services will help you transform into a recognized and respected e-commerce brand.

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We provide a range of services that flex to fit your needs. IdeanIn is a Magento e-commerce development company that creates new channels for sales, better retention, and customer loyalty for your brand.

Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 Migration

Migrating from Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento 1, or any other platform is seamless with our Magento 2 migration services.
Hire a Developer

Hire a Developer

We can extend your team with qualified Magento 2 certified professionals who are ready to jump in at any moment.
Support Services

Support Services

We provide proactive pre- and post-launch support to ensure everything is efficient and up-to-date.
Custom Store Development

Custom Store Development

We create custom Magento 2 solutions to complex business logic and processes and leave no stone unturned.
Third-party Integrations

Third-party Integrations

You’re one click away from connecting modules for online payments, shipping & delivery, as well as many others.
Performance Optimization 

Performance Optimization 

We want your site to be fast for your customers and your staff.

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We’ve launched dozens of projects, helping our clients realize their potential and reach new customers.

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IdeaInYou - Your Magento Development Company

With us, you don’t pay for features you don’t use. Magento 2 is flexible and scalable, making it possible to implement your most ambitious ideas.

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Here at IdeaInYou, we're with you at every step of your e-commerce journey. We bring your goals, ideas, and objectives to life with our proven approach to creating and executing personalized digital commerce solutions with Magento 2. We help evolve e-commerce by delivering smart, efficient, and appealing solutions to the digital challenges of new and mature B2B and B2C businesses.

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Frequently asked questions


If you have other questions which are not included in this list, please contact us an email or call. We'll provide you with all the necessary information within one work day.

Is there ennough demand for a product like youre?

Intense market competition requires everything to be perfect or near perfect, whether it's an eCommerce store website or starting a blog. There are thousands of e-commerce sites, apps, and online stores out there, but you need to create the perfect one in terms of looks, features, and other features. This can only be done by professional e-commerce developers.

Do I need a magento 2 store today?

As soon as business owners decide to create an online store, they face a serious problem of choosing an eCom platform. It is difficult to find the correct solution, as there are many solutions and they differ in many ways. And it's time to check the benefits of Magento.

How to hire eCommerce developer?

Building a robust eCommerce platform requires a breadth of mandatory technical skills that are required if you want your website to be popular among customers. That’s why it is so important to hire an eCommerce developer rather than using an average software programmer since eCommerce developer responsibilities are very specific.

How much does an eCommerce site cost?

The average cost of an ecommerce website with 100 to 1000 products is $5000 to $55,000, which includes design, development, and any other upfront costs. In comparison, the average cost of maintaining an ecommerce website with 100 to 1000 products is $15,000 to $30,000 per year.

What do I need to do if I want to transfer my website to another platform?

Today there are many platforms with different capabilities. You must know and understand what you want from your business. And taking into account your point of view, the specialist will tell you which platform to choose.

How can I make my site better?

To do this, you will need a specialist who will audit the site. He will consider all options, and tell you in detail what can be fixed and how much it will cost.